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Mission Making Office

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Charter - Officer of Mission Making: These Officers are tasked with managing the missions currently on the game and test servers, verifying problem missions and removing them through a transparent process, and educating the community on the addition of new missions to the servers.

The Mission Making Office organizes the mission list, tests missions, removes broken missions, and informs mission makers on how to create and add new missions to the server. The goal of the Mission Making Office is to constantly improve the quality of missions played on the server by regulating the missions on the server and educating mission makers.

New mission makers should reference the Mission Submission SOP and the Mission Submission Process pages for information on the formal requirements and processing of missions.


Main article: Staff

Subordinate Role Definitions

Mission Submission Moderator

A Mission Submission Moderator shall be enabled and tasked with the following: Validation and upload of new or updated Mission List entries. This involves cross-checking entries with SOPs, filtering new and problem mission maker submissions to review, and processing of broken missions.

As part of this, said delegate shall be a Regular due to the need for higher level FTP and server control access and the security issues contained therein.

Mission Review Team Leaders

This person(s) shall be responsible for taking lead in the direction of the review team, under oversight from the Mission Making Officer/s. He will perform all the duties of a normal mission review team member (See below) and generally co-ordinate the actions of the review team. He will also be responsible for keeping track of team membership (Under officer oversight).

Due to the leadership nature of this position it should be filled by a Regular.

Mission Review Team Member

A Mission Review Team Member shall be enabled and tasked with the following: Review of missions flagged for review on the Mission List. This involves detailed analysis of the mission via examination of functionality, sqf code quality, and mission design. Feedback will be provided to the mission maker and the Mission Making Office as a whole upon completion of the review. A review team member may be any member of the community, but must have atleast 2 working missions on the primary server.