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Mission Making Techniques

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This page is meant to be a repository of guides to be used as reference material for Mission Makers. Guides in red writing have not yet been created, if you feel comfortable feel free to complete them yourself! If there is a topic that you feel that should be covered in a guide here and isn't please feel free to add it to the list or ask a Mission Making Officer to do so for you.


This section includes guides that really don't fit elsewhere, have to do with underlying settings, or common mission making knowledge. If you are new to mission making try starting with Guide: Your First Mission





Guides in this section should be able to be completed with little to no scripting, using tools available in the editor.


This section includes guides that teach scripting or cover very scripting intensive tasks.


This section includes any guide dealing with debugging or testing your missions. The most important part of mission making!

How to Add a Guide

  1. Write a Guide
  2. Add "{{mmh}}" to the top of the source to add the Handbook Tag
  3. Add "[[Category:Mission Making Techniques]]" to the bottom of the source
  4. Add a link to the guide to this page