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Game Server SOPs

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1 - Users must use Supported & Functional Versions if participating in Game.
2 - Users must be present in the appropriate Game Channels, while playing.
3 - User Names must be Identical to their In-Game Names.

Mission Selection

1 - A GSO/GM may place restriction on when missions may be played.
2 - Missions may be selected by voted game Admin.
2.1 - A GSO/GM may override the publicly appointed admin in Mission Selections.
3 - The mission may be Ended by (ACTIVE) Commanders request, or by GSO/GM.
4 - Voted Admins must allow for missions to be completed, provided suitable ability/time.
5 - Any Regular may request a change in mission from Open-Ended Seeder type missions.
5.1 - A simple majority vote ( > 50%) will be required from players in game and in waiting room.
5.1.1 - Upon Pass the mission will run for no more than 15 minutes before change.
5.1.2 - Upon Fail the vote may be requested again in 30 Minutes.


1 - Mission Position Selection

1.1 - Mission Leadership
1.1.1 - A Leader will be established for any teams present before open slotting may occur.
1.1.2 - A Leader may call for positions to be filled individually before active slotting continues.
1.1.3 - A Regular/GM/GSO may deny the appointment of said Leader if the user has shown gross incompetence in the desired role.
1.2 - BlackListing
1.2.1 - At Mission Selection/Slotting any Member may request that a BlackListed user deslot from the BlackList Defined Role or Asset.
1.2.2 - In Game Leadership BlackLists can be processed by Group Member or Regular Request, with a suitable replacement from the affected group.
1.2.3 - In Game Non-Leadership or Asset BlackLists can be processed by Any Member or Regular Request.

2 - Critical Assets

2.1 - Users that wish to take mission critical roles are expected to be competent in their use.
2.2 - A Mission leader may select individuals for use of mission critical assets.
2.2.1 - A Regular/GM/GSO may deny the appointment of said resource if the user has shown gross incompetence in the desired role.

3 - Organization Leadership & Briefings

3.1 - A Leader will be expected to present a tactical & coherent plan for the mission selected.
3.1.1 - A Leader will be responsible for the respective positions under their position.
3.1.2 - A Leader may request players follow the commands and plans set forward to the best of their abilities.
3.1.3 - A Leader may request the removal of players that are disruptive or detrimental to gameplay.
3.1.4 - A Leader is expected to communicate the plan to all users within 10 minutes, and no longer than 15 minutes.
3.1.5 - A Leader is expected to communicate with positions both above and below them, as appropriate.
3.1.6 - A Leader must give a general briefing to their group at the map screen.

3.2 - Mission Command and Signals will not be changed, unless approved by a supervising GM for that defined session.
3.2.1 - Missions that Require a Command and Signal change for play-ability or clarification must be reported to the MMO.

4 - Use of Radio/Voice Chat

4.1 - Users are required to be responsive (actions or vocal) when in game.
4.2 - Users are allowed to Monitor Radio/Voice chat of the other team.
4.2.1 - Users should not disrupt Radio Communications by micspamming/music.
4.2.2 - Users must stop constant communication if requested by Any Player. (Music/Singing/Etc)

5 - Use of Assets

5.1 - Users are expected to be competent with their equipment and its function.
5.2 - Users are expected to not misuse assets though negligence. (misfires/backblast/damage/destruction)
5.3 - Use of Enemy Assets is restricted unless ordered by A Leader.
5.4 - Critical Use Equipment may be used on an as-needed basis, based on requirements (see AT vs Tanks)
5.4.1 - A GSO/GM may override these orders, and Users should revert to their allowed Gear (By Mission)
5.4.2 - Use of Enemy Vehicle assets is restricted unless defined as "allowed" by the mission creator within mission notes.

6 - Use of Text Communication

6.1 - In Game
6.1.2 - Global/Side are not to be used except for Administrative reasons.
6.1.3 - Command/Group are not to be used except for on Join information Requests. (ex basic information on regrouping/radios)
6.1.4 - Vehicle/Direct are permitted for use as they are not a means to bypass ACRE.
6.2 - Mission Selection/Teamspeak
6.2.1 - Observe all Rules by Charter and Forums SOP
6.2.1.a - If requested to stop communications, please do so.
6.2.1.b - A GSO/GM may deny use of chat, if communication is considered disruptive or requested to stop.

Misc Rules

1 - As per August 4th, 2011 game Moderators must have at least 100 hours logged on the server to qualify for and to remain in appointment.
2 - As per Febuary 16th, 2012 In-game name and Teamspeak name must be similar enough to be immediately identifiable as the same user.