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List of UO acronyms and terminology

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This is a list of acronyms and terminology that's used at UO.


1iC: 1st in Command

2iC: 2nd in Command

203: M203 Underslung Grenade Launcher. Informal slang for any type of underslung Grenade Launcher.

343: AN/PRC-343 personal handheld short range radio

148: AN/PRC-148 personal handheld radio


AA: Anti-Air

AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery

AAR: After Action Report

AASLT: Air Assault

AB: Air Burst

ABF: Attack by Fire
(does not imply assaulting through or closing in with the enemy)

ACE: Advanced Combat Environment

ACE Report: Ammunition, Causality, Equipment

Ack’: Acknowledged

ACRE/ACRE2: Advanced Combat Radio Environment

ACU: Army Combat Uniform

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Angels: Altitude measured in thousands of feet Angels 7 = 7,000 feet

ATGM: Anti-Tank Guided Missile

AO: Area of Operations

AOA: Axis Of Advance

AP: Armour Piercing munition/Anti-Personnel munition

APC: Armoured Personnel Carrier

ASLT: Assault

ASR: Alternate Supply Route (road)

AT: Anti-Tank


BOF: Base of Fire

BP: Battle Position

BT: Black Track (road)


CAS: Close Air Support

CASEVAC: Casualty Evacuation

CAT: Combat Application Tourniquet

CAP: Combat Air Patrol

CBRN: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear

CCP: Casualty Collection Point

CLS: Combat Life Saver

CMT: Combat Medical Technician

COA: Course of Action

COOP: Cooperative mission. A mission where players will typically be against AI.

CQB/CQC: Close Quarter Battle/Combat (engaging enemys at close range with all available measures. Does NOT imply necessity of urban terrain! See MOUT)

CO: Commanding Officer

CO TVT: Cooperative TVT. A coop mission where the enemy side consists of AI bolstered by a typically small team of other players.

CP: Command Post/Checkpoint


DMR: Designated Marksman Rifle

DPICM: Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition (Cluster munition)

DZ: Drop Zone


Easting:Numbers at the top/bottom of the map

ECP: Entry Control Point

EOD: Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EPI: Epinephrine

EPW: Enemy Prisoner of War

ERA: Explosive Reactive Armour

EXFIL: Exfiltration

EXTRACT: Extraction


FAC: Forward Air Controller

FARP: Forward Aerial Refuel Point

FCS: Fire Control System

FDC: Fire Direction Centre

FIST: Fire Support Team

FIST-V: Fire Support Team Vehicle

FLOT: Forward Line of Own Troops. See also: frontline trace

FO: Forward Observer

FOO: Forward Observation Officer

FOB: Forward Operating Base

FRAG: Fragmentation hand grenade

FRAGO: Fragmentary Order. (see OPORD)

Frontline Trace: Location of forward most friendly elements

FSCC: Fire Support Coordination Centre

FSCM: Fire Support Coordination Measures

FTL: Fire Team Leader

FUP: Forming Up Point/Position. (see Attack Position)


GP: Generic slang for the GP25 Underslung Grenade Launcher used by Soviet/Russian/Eastern Block militaries.

GPMG: General Purpose Machine Gun.


HALO: High Altitude Low Opening parachute drop

HE: High Explosive

HEAT: High Explosive Anti-Tank

HEDP: High Explosive Dual Purpose

HEAA: High Explosive Anti-Armour


ILLUM: Illumination

ICM: Improved Conventional Munitions (Interchangeable with DPICM)

IFV: Infantry Fighting Vehicle


JIP: Join in Progress. Also used for players who have joined in progress.

JTAC: Joint Terminal Attack Controller


KIA: Killed In Action


LAAW: Light Anti-Armour Weapon

LAV: Light Armoured Vehicle

LMG: Light Machine Gun

LOCSTAT: Location & Status

LOA: Limit Of Advance

LOD: Line of Departure

LP/OP: Listening Post Observation Post

LZ: Landing Zone


MIA: Missing In Action

MMG: Medium Machine Gun

MOUT: Military Operations in Urban Terrain (including CQB situations)

MSR: Main Supply Route (road)


NLT: No Later Than

Northing: Numbers of the left/right of the map

NV/NVG: Night Vision Goggles


OC: Officer Commanding

OP: Observation Post

OPORD Operations Order. An executable plan that directs a unit on how to conduct a military operation.

ORBAT Order of Battle (usually a list of all elements executing or being affected by an operation including their callsigns)


PID: Positive Identification

PL: Platoon Leader

PL: Phase Line

PRR: Personal Role Radio

PW/POW: Prisoner of War


QRF: Quick Reaction Force


ROE: Rules Of Engagement

RTO/RATELO: Radio Telephone Operator

RP: Release Point/Rally Point/Rendezvous


SAM: Surface to Air Missile

SAW: Squad Automatic Weapon

SBF: Support by Fire (supporting the assault or attack of another element from distance)

SITREP: Situation Report

SL: Squad/Section Leader

SPAAG: Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

SPG: Self-Propelled Gun


TACP: Tactical Air Control Party

TIC: Troops In Contact

TOW: Tube launched, Optically tracked, Wire guided missile. See ATGM


UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UTC: Universal Time Coordinated. For practical purposes the same as GMT. Time used for coordinating UO activities on the forums.


VOG: VOG25 Grenade launcher round for the GP25. Generic slang for use of a UGL with the aforementioned round.


WAC: Wide Area Combat

WIA: Wounded in Action

WP: White Phosphorous

WP: Waypoint


XO: Executive Officer


ZULU: Alternate term for UTC time