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Training Office SOPs

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The following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will govern the daily operations of the United Operations Training Center (UOTC) and it’s Training System. The United Operations Training Center as Office within the United Operations Community develops, integrates and operates a holistic Training Program encompassing all community fields.
The UOTC will ensure all official training operations are in compliance with general content and quality standards, supervise and recruit training personnel, support unofficial and individual training and design, build and integrate standardized, high-quality official Training Programs.


Mission Statement:
The United Operations Training Center designs, builds and integrates adaptive, standardized and high-quality Training Programs, provides knowledge and educates and trains community members to strengthen the community’s capabilities in its core fields of operation.
The United Operations Training Center as Office within the United Operations Community is operated and over-sighted by the acting Training Officers, who lead and manage the Training Center in accordance with these UOTC SOPs, the UO Charter and SOPs.


In order to operate a sustained and successful Training Program UOTC must recruit, develop and supervise a cadre of qualified, committed and competent Instructors that deliver training and educate the membership.
Instructors, as unique role within United Operations, are appointed to and removed from the Instructor Cadre by the Training Officers.
The Training Officers must emplace a recruiting policy that ensures proper qualification of instructors. Any induction or removal of new instructors requires the approval of all acting Training Officers. All active Instructors will be listed in a publicly accessible list.
Instructors can be appointed for one or multiple community fields.
Any actions by Instructors not governed by these SOPs, internal agreements or accepted practice that is conducted as official UOTC business or seemingly so, requires prior approval of the Training Officers.
Instructors are required to conduct official training in accordance with UOTC Training Standards, SOPs and the UO Charter, failure to do so can result in removal from the Instructor Cadre.


The core service by the United Operations Training Center is its Training Programs that provides learning and educational opportunities to the community.
Any official training activity must be conducted in accordance with UO Charter, UO SOPs, UOTC SOPs and Training Standards. Instructors are expected to uphold and enforce an atmosphere of learning and professionalism. Participants intentionally disrupting training activities can be removed from the activity and permanently excluded from the official Training Programs.
UOTC encourages Members and Regulars to organize and conduct unofficial individual and group training. Assistance and resources can be requested.

Training System

UOTC designs, builds, integrates and operates a holistic Training System encompassing all community fields.
The ArmA mil-sim field, as core field of the community, remains UOTC’s core focus.
For the various training fields Training Officers can organize respectively responsible teams that develop the respective Training Program for the community field, including course structures, training standards, lesson plans and documentation.
For other work fields or topics the Training Officers can organize additional workgroups/teams respectively.
Organization and staffing of these teams remains under the authority of the Training Officers.

Training Services

All Training services hosted by United Operations are subject the general behavioral standards defined in the UO Charter and SOPs. The (Game) Server SOPs apply.


UOTC maintains multiple channels for training purposes in the [UO Training Center] section of the United Operations Teamspeak 3 server.
For official UOTC courses instructors can create a teamspeak channel tagged [UOTC] followed by the course name 24 hrs prior to the course as sub-channel of the “Generic Classroom” channel.
Intructors, Regulars and Members can create a temporary sub-channel for ongoing unofficial training. It must not be tagged as or appear as official UOTC training activity.
Instructors are given Teamspeak permissions allowing to assign UOTC related Server Groups.

ArmA Series Training Servers

Instructors are granted admin login and privileges in order to be able to properly conduct training sessions.
Instructors are expected to uphold and enforce the UO Charter, SOPs and UOTC SOPs during official trainings or any other activities on the Training Servers.
During the times the Training Servers are not booked or utilized for official UOTC Training or approved and scheduled unofficial Training, Regulars and Members are allowed and encouraged to use the Training Servers for individual or group Training.
Misbehavior or intentional violation of UO SOPs or Charter by Regulars or Members on the Training Servers, in particular the negligent or intentional disruption of other’s training activities, besides to the general administrative punishment can result in permanent exclusion from the Training Programs.

United Operations Airforce

UOTC sanctions the purview of all training and training materials related to the UOAF to all current AFOs and any other UOAF members deemed qualified for training by the AFO. The TO will defer all descisions related to training in the UOAF to the AFO and the UOAF SOPs.

United Operations Wiki

See: UOTC Wiki Publication Rules

All media, including documents, forum threads, training schedules, videos or training material that is created under the UOTC Brand by utilizing the acronym, full name or logo of the United Operations Training Center, or otherwise suggesting official publication by UOTC have to be approved by UOTC.
Regulars and Members are encouraged to organize and conduct, self-organized, individual training, but are not permitted to market or portrait them as official UOTC training without prior explicit permission by UOTC.