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UOTC Wiki Publication Rules

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UOTC Documentation (All articles tagged UOTC)

  1. Any articles written for the wiki as official UOTC documentation will be checked against the handbook for consistency.
  2. Official UOTC documentation is not allowed to contradict other official UO documentation.
  3. Any documentation should link to already existing official content to avoid unnecessary redundancy. This does not include lesson plans.
  4. Avoid special characters in headers and article names wherever possible.

UOTC Guides

  1. Weapons and in-game tools that perform the same function, and behave the same way in-game, will not be given their own article.
  2. Articles will be written from the perspective of in-game use. Real life applications will only be referenced if applicable and an improvement for gameplay would be expected by this application.

UOTC Lesson Plans

  1. Lesson plans shall be maintained and updated appropriately.
  2. Until a lesson plan is reviewed by the office and officially released, it is to be marked with a message box detailing that it is a ‘course in development not officially released’.
  3. Any Lesson Plans no longer being maintained, or considered out-of-date, must be clearly marked as such.
  4. All lesson plans need to include explicit detail on how to behave as participant when: Leaving, taking a break or having an urgent question.