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United Operations

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United Operations (UO) sometimes UnitedOperations.net is an international gaming community. While it is initially centered around the Armed Assault Series, the community also maintains other gaming and simulation titles, such as Falcon BMS or Steel Beasts. This wiki is maintained by the (regular) members of the UO Community.


See United Operations Charter for the full article on UO's Mission.

United Operations is a community dedicated to the active promotion of teamwork, cooperation and simulation in gaming.


United Operations is a non-exclusive community. No sign-up, interview or initiation procedure has to be run through in order to participate in the communities core activities on the game servers or in the communities training program. UO considers all these players "Members" that visit the Servers reoccurringly, on application/nomination players can be voted "Regular" by those already carrying the title. The community decision making process features a voting procedure including all Regulars with equal voting rights. "Regulars" filling specific community roles additionally carry the title "Officer". Currently there are approximately 103 Regulars within the UO Roster, 8 of which are Officers.


United Operations offers a comprehensive voluntary Training Program for ArmA through the United Operations Training Center (UOTC). The United Operations Airforce (UOAF) also offers internal air crew training.


In August 2010 Task Force Proteus and Omega two Arma 2 "In House Squads" at Tactical gamer left to form their own community after what they saw as an abusive admin team starting to ban key members and groups of the community that had been with the site for years. United Operations was formed on August 24th 2010 in the dead of the night with jury rigged skype conversations and teamspeak talks. Operation Panda Bear Reach Around went into affect by the end of the week nearly the entire arma community including the non donating IHS Irregulars had moved to our new gaming Utopia. The charter was written as a cementing document to bring the community together and as a check and balance protection against future admin abuse by compartmentalizing various aspects of community management. At the start nearly every member of the community was a Regular as most people had been gaming with each other for a few years already and a tight bond of solid coherent gameplay was established that we still strive and aim for to this day.

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