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United Operations Familiarization Video Script

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Introduction to United Operations and Core Values

United Operations was established as an open community in 2010, in order to create a place that fosters teamwork, simulation, and cooperation in gaming. To accomplish this style of play we have core set of values, which are always expected from players. The core values are Maturity, Professionalism, Cooperation, Respect, and Friendship.

Gameplay Structure

Gameplay at United Operations is shaped by the player slotted leadership. There are no persistent ranks in this community, but it is required that you follow and listen to the player slotted leadership during missions. The structure is setup to filter intent and orders down the chain of command, the Platoon Leader issues commands to Squad Leaders, who issue commands to their fire team leaders, who organize their fire teams to execute the mission.The highest level of leadership in a mission is the mission commander.

Behavior Expectations

Mature behavior is expected from everyone at all times. Respect the decisions of Game Moderators, Acting Admins, and the chain of command, If you have an issue, which is not urgent, wait for the mission to end and then bring it up with the server admin, or else you can Poke/PM an admin or GM. At the end of the day, we are here for the enjoyment and entertainment that comes from teamwork, simulation, and cooperation.

Standard Procedure

On the server there is a procedure for Mission Selection, Slotting, Briefing, and in mission behaviour.

During Mission Selection the acting admin will typically ask for mission suggestions in chat.

After a mission is selected, the slotting screen will be presented. First the mission commander will be slotted, and then after he is slotted players should wait for squad leads and vital slots to be called by the acting mission commander before slotting.

Progressing forward from the slotting menu will land player in the briefing screen. Here leadership will create a plan to be executed within the mission. Until the mission commander asks for silence, or begins his briefing, players often chat amongst themselves.

Once the mission commander begins his briefing, players are to cease talking and allow player leadership to brief the plan. Secondly, there will be a questions period at the end of the brief for other leadership and players can ask questions or contribute.

During the mission please maintain an atmosphere of maturity and discipline. Follow the orders of your leader and never abandon your unit.


ACRE is a radio communication mod that we use at United Operations. And like many of the mods we use here at UO, we are lucky enough to have these arma mod developers in our community.

To change your voice volume in Arma, use the TAB key, holding down that button and scrolling the mouse wheel will increase or reduce the distance the player’s voice travels.

To pull up the Radio Interface you can doubleclick the radio in the Inventory, use the default keybind of CTRL+SHIFT+CAPS, or create a new keybind. In the Interface you should know how to change the channel and adjust the volume.

To Switch between the different Radios carried press the default keybind ALT+SHIFT+CAPS, or change the keybind to an easy to press key. Changing to keybind to an easy to press key is highly recommended.

It is important to note that only one person at a time can speak on the Radio, and during combat many important messages will going back and forth. Before you speak on the radio make sure to take a second to think before you speak. Use the ABC’s of Communications, Be Accurate, Brief, and Clear.

Grenade Safety

In ArmA 3 the G key is default mapped to “throw grenade”; however, in ArmA 2 the in-game inventory key was G by default. If you have played ArmA games in the past and are new to ArmA 3, it is highly recommended that you rebind your throw grenade key. It is suggested to use a modifier like CTRL or SHIFT with the combination of another key.

Weapon Safety

Rule 1, All guns are to be treated as loaded. There are no exceptions.

Rule 2, Never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy. Do not point your weapon at other friendly players. This applies even when out of combat.

Rule 3, Keep your finger off the Mouse 1 left click button until you are ready to shoot. When not in combat, it is highly recommended to engage your in-game weapons safety and lower your weapon. Keep in mind this method as well as keeping your weapon on safe will deter any negligent discharge. It is always highly recommended that you hit the escape key when Alt-tabbing out of the game.

rule 4: be sure of your target, Always be alert of your force’s uniform and what the enemy may look like. If you are unsure if what you are looking at is enemy, clarify with others or ask on the radio.

Continual Familiarization

One of the intents of the United Operations Famil course is to adjust players to the concept of continual familiarization. It is the responsibility of every player to pass along the knowledge of Familiarization Topics. By taking a UOTC Famil course, you are helping to expand the pool of knowledgeable individuals on the server.