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United Operations Formations Video Script

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UOTC Intro

Welcome to the United Operations Training Center. In this video we will cover the following topics: Buddy Teams, Fireteam Line, Fireteam File, Fireteam Wedge, Staggered Column, and Echelon Formations.

The Fireteam

The Fireteam or assault group is made of 4 men. There are 2 pairs or buddy teams in each Fireteam The team leader and automatic rifleman are the lead buddy team. The grenadier and rifleman are the second buddy team.

Fireteam Line

The line consists of the fireteam facing the direction of movement while standing shoulder to shoulder. The fireteam leader is sandwiched between the buddy teams. The Line allows the fireteam to most effectively engage contacts to the front or rear of the formation. The downside of this formation is that enfilading fire is possible via the flanks. Another downside is reduced frontal movement due to lowered visibility of other fireteam members.

Fireteam File

The File is formed with each fireteam member following behind the man in front of him. This formation is most often used when traveling, or when expecting contact on the left or right of the formation. A file allows the fireteam to quickly engage targets on either side of the formation via line without moving. The downside of the file is that enfilading fire is possible from the front and rear of the formation.

Fire Team Wedge

The fireteam wedge is the most versatile formation and allows the most tactical flexibility, it consists of the fireteam leader standing at the tip of an arrow shape with the fireteam making up the remainder of the arrow. Because of the uneven nature of the fireteam, the side of the fireteam with the larger number of people is considered the heavy side.

The Wedge Formation allows the Fireteam to quickly transition to a line in order to engage targets to the front or to either side. To transition into a line in order to engage contacts on the left or right, the fireteam will wagon wheel from the a fixed point, usually the leftmost man or the rightmost man. To engage contacts to the front, fireteam members will advance forward and hold, forming a line.

Staggered Column

The Staggered Column has two files spread apart and offset from one another. This formation is often used when moving along a linear danger area or when the use of a file may be inadequate. Staggered Column is the prefered formation when navigating on roads.

Echelon Right/Left

The Echelon formation is similar to the wedge formation, but consists of only one wing. The benefit of an echelon is that all fireteam members can quickly form a line facing the flank side. This formation is used when moving along the flank of an enemy force, or when connecting in a squad wedge with another fireteam.


Thank you for watching this training video. To learn more about fireteam roles, click the left annotation. Click the right annotation to view the United Operations Familiarization Video.